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A Solution for the Ages

Charles Darwin, after studying them nearly four and a half decades, suggested that worms were perhaps the most significant organism on earth. “Without the work of this humble creature... agriculture, as we know it, would be very difficult, if not wholly impossible”. Aristotle considered worms “the intestines of the earth.” In ancient Egypt, these creatures were considered so vital, that Cleopatra declared them to be sacred. Removing them was punishable by death. Lumbricus terrestris, or the worm, has received the praise of scientists, philosophers, and rulers throughout the ages.

Our Founder’s Story


“Two years ago, I began working for a small lawn care company, helping maintain the lawns of approximately 70 clients. I serviced these lawns like most companies did, through a series of synthetic, non-organic fertilizers. I didn’t give much thought at the time to the amount of chemicals I was spraying until I met a sizable group of people who would not hire our services (or our competitors’) because of our use of synthetic fertilizers. It was then that I realized a growing market pain, one that wasn’t being met. I set out to find a viable organic solution.

“To date, I have invested more than 3,000 hours of research in my product, consulted with and interviewed PhD’s of biology and life sciences, poured over research books and industry articles from authors all over the world, and have become a soil analysis technician in order to gain a truly significant level of understanding of what I was trying to do.

“At 1,000 hours, I created my first prototype: a symphony of all-organic ingredients that were much more effective and less harmful on the environment. “Rather than continue to work as a lawn care technician, I fine-tuned my product and approached the owner of my previous employer and asked him to test the product on his clients’ lawns and track the results for a year. While I waited to hear back from him, my grandfather, a life-long horticulturist, encouraged me to enter my product and business idea into business competitions. In addition to gaining momentum, I began winning business competitions and expanding my network of fans. As recently as April 2017, I won one of the largest entrepreneur competitions in the state of Utah called The Rollins New Venture Challenge and was awarded a $15,000 angel check.

“I have since invested every penny of those funds back into the business and partnered with mentors and associates to scale the businesses. I couldn’t believe a year had already transpired, when I received a phone call from the lawn care company who shared with me the most amazing news. Not only had my product outperformed chemical fertilizers, the application of my product saved, on average, 80,000 gallons of water on each lawn. As a visual, that’s the equivalent to a public swimming pool, per lawn! The lawn care company doubled their client list and as the word spread about my product, I’ve had other landscaping companies interested in applying my product.”

Results Speak Loudest

If this product had such a profound effect on lawns, in what other markets could our fertilizer penetrate and add value? Many scientific articles have been published on the topic of vermculture. All the results have been identical: vermicompost isn’t just evolutionary, but revolutionary. One article wrote:

“Since the dawn of the green revolution, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides have been extensively applied, to increase the food productivity with the rising demand for food crops for the growing population... But the continuous and comprehensive use of chemical fertilizers impart various undesirable effects on the agricultural ecosystem like degradation of the soil, loss of crop genetics and microbial diversity, contamination of groundwater, and pollution of the atmosphere (Kaur et al., 2008 ;Chaudhry et al., 2009). Vermicompost, when applied to the soil, enhances soil microbial activities, which improves crop growth, inhibits the attack of pests and diseases and also improves soil physicochemical properties as well as biological activities (Pathma and Sakthivel, 2012 ; Bending et al., 2002). Thus, the application of…vermicompost, has become the need of the hour to rehabilitate the degraded lands.”

The New Gold Standard

In short, vermicompost makes Miracle Grow look like rat poison. It is the gold standard of the fertilizer industry. It makes plants grow 2-3 times faster. Fruit yields are increased by 40% when using it. Water consumption is cut by 40%. It is known to serve as a natural insecticide, rehabilitates and revitalizes soil, and is 100% organic. OmniEarth provides just that—a superior blend of pinpointed materials optimized for the growth and health of all plants. From the casual house plant enthusiast to the commercial grower, our product is the hallmark of earth products—providing the best fertilizing product on the market and doing so with ingredients that are “From the Earth, For the Earth.”

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